Chicago Wins Bedard Sweepstakes in Controversial NHL Lottery

 Written by: Trey Kristensen | Published: May 9th, 2023

Dennis Pajot via Getty Images
               The NHL Draft lottery has come and passed but not without controversy.

               The Chicago Blackhawks landed the #1 overall selection in the 2023 NHL Draft which will most likely be used to select generational prospect Connor Bedard. Bedard has lit up the WHL this season with the Regina Pats posting 71 goals and 72 assists in just 57 games. The Blackhawks look poised to begin another period of success behind Bedard.

               The Anaheim Ducks, who had the best odds to land the #1 pick, will have to settle for #2 while the Columbus Blue Jackets landed #3. Some controversy arose around the Blue Jackets landing the 3rd pick, however.

                On the TV broadcast of the Draft Lottery the San Jose Sharks were announced to have the #4 overall pick. As the broadcast went to commercial break, the TV commentator announced that Columbus had received the #3 overall pick. When the broadcast returned from commercial break, the Blue Jackets were shown getting the #3 overall pick. Some have speculated that this is evidence of the lottery being rigged by the NHL as the commentator seemingly knew the draft order before it was announced. Some have also said that the timing issue was likely due to the lottery being pre-taped. Either way, many fans have begun calling out the NHL for potentially rigging the draft lottery so Chicago got the 1st overall selection but there is little evidence of that.

               The 2023 NHL Draft Order now looks like this,

1.      Chicago Blackhawks

2.      Anaheim Ducks

3.      Columbus Blue Jackets

4.      San Jose Sharks

5.      Montreal Canadiens

6.      Arizona Coyotes

7.      Philadelphia Flyers

8.      Washington Capitals

9.      Detroit Red Wings

10.   St. Louis Blue

11.   Vancouver Canucks

12.   Arizona Coyotes (via Ottawa Senators)

13.   Buffalo Sabres

14.   Pittsburgh Penguins

15.   Nashville Predators

16.   Calgary Flames

17.   Montreal Canadiens (via Florida Panthers)

18.   Detroit Red Wings (via New York Islanders)

19.   Winnipeg Jets

20.   Chicago Blackhawks (via Tampa Bay Lightning)

21.   Seattle Kraken

22.   Minnesota Wild

23.   Columbus Blue Jackets (via Los Angeles Kings)

24.   New York Rangers

25.   Nashville Predators (via Edmonton Oilers)

26.   San Jose Sharks (via New Jersey Devils)

27.   Colorado Avalanche

28.   Toronto Maple Leafs (via Boston Bruins)

29.   St. Louis Blues (via Dallas Stars)

30.   St. Louis Blues (via Toronto Maple Leafs)

31.   Vegas Golden Knights

32.   Carolina Hurricanes


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